Is Weight-Lifting Resulting in Hair Loss?

Published: 17th September 2008
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Are you a regular weightlifter? Are you desperately trying to cope up with the problem of fast receding hairline? Then, you are not the only one. Scientists have found a definite relation between weight-lifting and hair loss. Let's check it out.

How Weight-lifting Causes Baldness?
In normal condition, weight-lifting helps in building of our muscles and keeping us fit. A regular weight lift may also increase free testosterone level and this excess causes various physiological changes in our body like receding hairline, balding in the crown or general baldness in male. In female, it results in general thinning of hair.

A 45-minute work-out session can increase the level of testosterone (hormone) in our body by 25%. When this excess hormone is reacting with 5-alpha-reductase (an enzyme naturally found in our hair follicles), it is causing the formation of dihydrotestosterone (DTH). This DTH is responsible for shrinkage of hair follicles and roots.

Ways to Control Baldness:

While it is natural to loss 100-150 hairs on an average everyday, we start noticing thinning of hair only after we have lost half(50%) our hair! Listed below are some of the ways to control or prevent baldness affected by weight lifting:

  • Propecia(finasteride) is the first FDA-approved oral medication used for hair replacement in male and female, Rogaine topical solution is also used.

  • Low level laser therapy: Infrared light is used to enhance blood circulation, cellular metabolism, and supply of oxygen to the hair follicles in the scalp.

  • Hair replacement surgery.

  • It is absolutely necessary for proper treatment of hair loss to consult with your physician and, if possible, with your dietitian to help you prepare with proper medication plan as well as a regular diet plan suited to your particular lifestyle.

You do not have to stop or curtail certain weight exercises to control baldness. All you have to do is to follow proper medication and treatment under physician's active guidance.

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