Jobs That Keep You Fit

Published: 01st December 2008
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It is worthwhile to have a job that keeps you in shape physically. Most white collared jobs are desk oriented, and one tends to put on weight. This can be bad for health. Excessive pounds lead to other health complications. The best solution is to find yourself a job that provides you with sufficient exercises. There are some jobs that you may come across which keep you physically active and alert. Which ones?

Jobs That Help You Remain Fit

  • A painter's job will require a lot of physical activity. One needs to apply the paint, scrub, and remove the existing paper or paint. Surfaces have to be made ready by sanding and washing. It is fantastic workout. Physically, you remain on your toes

  • A landscaper job also requires physical work. One has to trim the trees and the grass. He or she has to plant the flowers, remove the snow from pathways, build walkways etc. Much physical work is required, particularly if the season you are working in is not very conducive. To work in a storm is not an easy proposition

  • Construction laborers build houses and other commercial structures. They have to handle heavy stuff

  • Childcare workers have a lot of work. They have to bathe the child, look after food requirements, play and educate with the child. Much physical energy is required for this

  • Freight and stock material movers manually lift much stock and materials from storage area to production houses and other places

  • Messengers deliver messages and are required to move from place to another quickly

  • Farm workers are also have a lot of physical activities to perform, from cattle breeding to milking the cows. They are busy the whole day

  • Bindery workers are involved in producing books, catalogs, magazines, directories etc. They also have to physically exert themselves

  • The work of janitor is also difficult. A lot of physical movement is required

One can choose a job that keeps one physically active. Desk oriented jobs are sedentary in nature. One tends to put on weight easily. There is no exercise. One has to make effort during one's extra time to get the required exercise.

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